Buying The Perfect Scent

Buying a signature scent is always overwhelming. You spray about fifty perfumes just to leave with no clue what you smelled and a raging headache! But alas, there are tricks that you can use to narrow down your search! First things first, don’t try more than 10 perfumes in one shopping experience. You will completely bum out your senses.

notesStart here:  Figure out what key notes you like such as vanilla, citrus, spice, floral. These key notes are going to be the base to 90% of perfumes.

Go into the store prepared. Let your helper know what notes you are drawn to so they can offer options. You can even write Splendor an email letting them know what you like before you arrive so they can give you a list of perfumes to try. Remember, our store is a personal shopping experience, use that to your advantage!

Once you start trying perfumes always use a paper spray strip. Let the perfume mellow on the strip before you smell it to avoid getting a strong whiff of alcohol. Even if the perfume uses mostly essential oils the initial spray will be too strong and will deter you away from your possible favorite.

If you found a favorite, spray a small amount on the inside of your wrist. Walk around the store and check out other products all while giving your arm the occasional sniff. If you want to keep testing just use a baby wipe to try again. Remember, take your time!

There have been studies to show that different skin tones wear certain scents better. We have actually noticed that fair skinned women wear citrus scents differently than medium to dark skinned clients. Vanilla is sometimes spicy on a darker skin and floral is a good fit for a medium skin tone.

Some favorites to start your journey:

Sweet Vanilla- Hanae Mori is a great choice. A delightfully light vanilla fragrance with a floral undertone. It is romantic and alluring.hanaemori  If you want something to carry in your purse or on the plane we recommend one of our top favorites, Bootzie Roll On Oil. BootziePrivately made in Hawaii,  this scent will bring you back to the feeling of sitting on a beach rubbed down in tanning oil, a pina colada in your hand!NEWphoto

Citrus- Fresh Sugar Lemon is the #1 pick for all our citrus gals. This is a perfect clean lemon scent. If you like citrus to have a deeper undertone, try Stella from Tocca. It mixes blood orange with a vanilla musk that is to die for. kai

Floral- Of course our favorite floral has to be Kai. If you haven’t tried it before you have to give it a shot. It will make you feel like you are running through a countryside garden.

grou2The Spicy Side- Sake from Fresh has a kick from ginger with a citrus undertone. Easy to wear, but with a sophistication you don’t normally find in citrus scents.  A rich, decadent option is Cashmere from Susanne Lang.

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