Wine Condoms - 6 pcs, 100% Rubber

The shrink to fit technology allows you to seal up almost any opened bottle, creating a water-tight and air-tight seal that is fully reusable! No need to buy separate bottle stoppers for different sized bottles, this is an all in one solution for storing your opened beverages, wine and more. The tight seal keeps oxygen out and liquid in, providing the ultimate spill protection while sealing in freshness. It is 99.9% effective preventing unplanned spills screw the cork. 


  • Practice Safe Sips
  • Easy & Portable
  • On The Go Protection
  • Functional & Funny 

Package Includes:

    • Wine Condoms | Wine & Beverage Bottle Stopper | Air-Tight Grip Grade 100% Rubber Latex | Tuxedo Black | Set of 6